Raytheon to Build More AMRAAMs for 22 Nations

Raytheon will build a new batch of Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missiles for 22 foreign countries under a $768.3 million Air Force contract awarded Dec. 27, 2019.

This is the 33rd AMRAAM production lot and involves sales to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, Japan, Kuwait, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, according to a Defense Department contract announcement. The Pentagon did not say how many missiles are included in that lot.

USAF and Navy funding provides for new operational missiles, training units, guidance systems, spares, and other support hardware. Raytheon’s work will run through the end of February 2023.

The AMRAAM program is slated to encompass nearly 13,000 missiles for $13.3 billion, according to the Air Force’s fiscal 2020 budget. The weapon is a “small, light, fast missile with improved capabilities against very low- and high-altitude targets” and can resist electronic attacks, the service said.