Gordon Feller

Gordon Feller is a widely read source of insight who conducts original in-depth research. He has been publishing articles about defense and technology since 1979.

More than 50 organizations have published Feller’s writing and research, including The Economist, Defense News, REED, SpaceNews, ThomsonReuters, MIT, The Economist, World Economic Forum, Stanford University, World Bank, Columbia University, UN, Informa, Gannett, Pennwell, World Energy, Australian Defence, Risk, IHS Markit, The Financial Times of London, Global Finance, Christian Science Monitor, Gannett, EuroMoney, Engineering, and many others.

Among Gordon’s numerous research/writing projects are:

  • World Economic Forum’s international project, with the results published by MIT
  • Convening research forums for Germany’s national government
  • Participating in a China-focused research project established by (and funded by) Germany’s national government
  • Organizing a research project that informed World Future Energy Summit delegates (convened by the UAE Government in Abu Dhabi)
  • Writing and editing one of the World Bank’s primary magazines
  • Convening global research forums for Japan’s national government
  • Convening research forums for Canada’s national government; participating in a national commission established by the Prime Minister.

Feller has won more than two dozen competitive fellowships, including:

  • The Prime Minister Abe Fellowship
  • The Dean’s Fellowship, Columbia University
  • The Lehman Fellowship, Columbia University
  • The Wallach Fellowship, Columbia University
  • The Ripon Fellowship, Washington, D.C.
  • The Global Fellowship at The Smithsonian, Washington, D.C.

Feller received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Columbia University in New York, magna cum laude.

Contact him at Gordon@GordonFeller.com. Twitter: @GordonFeller.

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