Outstanding: Meet Senior Airman Cassidy B. Basney

Senior Airman Cassidy B. Basney, with the 50th Operations Support Squadron, 50th Space Wing, is among the Space Force’s first-ever 12 Outstanding Airmen, Guardians, and Civilians of the year announced April 13.

Basney “epitomized the Space Force’s core beliefs of innovation” by designing a “software application that led to 21 alerts of counterspace threats.” She also worked with intelligence partners to streamline a request from the then-50th Space Wing for information process, and “improved communications with the Combined Space Operations Center to maximize agility,” according to a video announcing the winners. Basney “is always looking for ways to optimize response time with proven results in the protection of assets and personnel.”

The recognition, which Chief of Space Operations Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond said demonstrated “incredible agility, innovation, and boldness,” is for performance in 2019. Basney’s performance also earned her inclusion in the Air Force’s 2020 Outstanding Airmen of the Year, where she was chosen to be the sole representative of the U.S. Space Force. The Outstanding Airmen of the Year program traditionally includes 12 members, with one each representing each major command, plus the Air National Guard, the Air Force Reserve, and Air Force District Washington. Basney’s selection reflected her service within Air Force Space Command, which evolved to become the U.S. Space Force.

Space Force leaders posted the video in April, having been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Space Force leaders wanted to “give the winners the recognition they deserve,” according to a statement.

The Air Force Association will spotlight the other 11 winners over the next few weeks.