Ohio’s Bio Boys

A pair of Ohio Air National Guard F-16s successfully switched between a biofuel blend and standard JP-8 fuel in mid flight for the first time during a training drill last month. Running on a mix of camelina-derived biofuel and JP-8, the 180th Fighter Wing F-16Cs took off from their base in Swanton, near Toledo, as part of a large-force employment of 12 F-16s. The two fighters then rendezvoused with a KC-135, taking on a load of standard JP-8 fuel. After completing the sortie on Feb. 12, the pair returned to base, topping off again with the biofuel blend for the next sortie, showing that they could seamlessly switch between the fuel types. Pioneering operational testing of biofuel, the 180th FW F-16s began flying on the biofuel mixture in January, accomplishing 39 sorties and 11 refuelings as of mid February, according to wing officials. (Swanton report by MSgt. Beth Holliker)