Note to Members: Help Grow AFA’s Membership

AFA’s goal is simple: ensure a dominant United States Air Force and a strong national defense and honor airmen and our Air Force heritage. We believe it’s important to advocate for a strong Air Force on Capitol Hill, globally, and in our local communities. We educate the public on the critical need for unmatched aerospace power and a technically superior workforce to ensure our national security. We advocate for aerospace power and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. AFA has a solid membership base, but we’re looking to build that base to 150,000 members within the next five years. That doesn’t happen without your support. Help AFA strengthen our voice and our force. Encourage your friends, family, and co?workers to join the premier? association that supports our United States Air Force. New members can join online by visiting or by calling our membership department at 1-800-727-3337.