New GPS Unit in California

The Space and Missile Systems Center at Los Angeles AFB, Calif., has activated the GPS Advanced Control Squadron, which will oversee the acquisition and development of systems, tools, and training for the Global Positioning System satellite advanced ground control segment, known as OCX. The new squadron is part of the GPS Wing at SMC. “By designating the OCX program a squadron, the Air Force recognizes the GPAS mission to enable GPS effects-based operations is part of the overall Air Force “Fly, Fight, and Win” mission,” said Lt. Col. Janet Grondin, squadron commander, said in a May 5 release. Currently, two teams—one led by Northrop Grumman and the other by Raytheon—are competing for the $2.7 billion OCX program. Raytheon has completed its system requirements review. And, Northrop just announced Lockheed Martin joined its team. SMC expects to award a contract next spring. (Los Angeles report by Capt. Steaven Meyer)