New ICBM Crew Rotation Plan Nears Beta Test

Twentieth Air Force, which oversees the nation’s Minuteman III ICBM force, is putting the final touches on a beta test program for the new tour-rotation construct it intends to implement for missileers. The 90-day beta test of the three-plus-three rotation is scheduled to kick off at Minot AFB, N.D., on July 1, 20th AF Commander Maj. Gen. Jack Weinstein told Air Force Magazine in a June 12 interview. “I am bringing in people from other [missile] wings to be part of the test,” said Weinstein, as this will help integrate the new practices across the crew force. In September, 20th AF will evaluate the beta test and make adjustments. “The basic construct won’t change, however,” said Weinstein. Under three-plus-three, a missile officer will serve crew alerts the first tour of a career, then transition to becoming an instructor or evaluator. Weinstein said this will involve adapting some practices from the aviation community, such as testing modeled on the Master Question File-type exams administered to aircrews.