Moody Selected as Afghan A-29 Training Site

? The Air Force has selected Moody AFB, Ga., to be the US training location for the Afghan air force’s A-29 pilots and maintainers. The service recently completed the assessment of the environmental impact of establishing the mission at the Georgia base, clearing the way for the final basing decision, according to an Aug. 22 release. Over the next four years, Moody will be the site for 20 A-29s, 17 Air Force instructor pilots, 24 maintenance and support personnel, and 30 Afghan pilots and 90 maintainers, states the release. Training is expected to begin in February 2015. “We look forward to supporting this important mission that will continue to develop the capabilities of the Afghanistan air force,” said Col. Chad Franks, Moody’s 23rd Wing commander. The Air Force opted for Moody “because of the availability of the airfield, airspace, and suitable facilities,” said Timothy Bridges, the service’s deputy assistant secretary for installations. It had also considered Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, and Shaw AFB, S.C., for this training mission. (See also Moody Preferred Site for Afghan A-29 Training.)