Missile Defense Radar Slated for Japan

The US agreed to a site for its new Japan-based missile defense radar, and is evaluating potential locations for an additional ground-based interceptor missile to confront emerging ballistic missile threats, Missile Defense Agency Director Vice Adm. James Syring announced. The radar will be based at the Japan Self Defense Force Kyogamisaki air defense base on the country’s western coast, stated Syring in a Mar. 4 DOD release. “We are taking these steps to stay ahead of the challenges posed by Iran and North Korea in terms of what they’re doing with the longer-range ballistic missile defense capability,” he added. Syring said Kyogamisaki is the “perfect site for this radar,” and praised the Japanese government’s “forthright” cooperation on the project. The agency is evaluating four locations for a potential new interceptor missile site, which is in addition to the 14 interceptors slated for Ft. Greely, Alaska, Syring said.