McDew Takes Over TRANSCOM Leadership

Gen. Darren McDew assumed command of US Transportation Command in an Aug. 26 ceremony at Scott AFB, Ill. Defense Secretary Ash Carter officiated the change of command ceremony, saying McDew is one of the “most accomplished military leaders” who will now oversee one of the military’s most “vital commands” during a time of high military operations worldwide. McDew assumed command of TRANSCOM from Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, who is now the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. McDew previously served as commander of Air Mobility Command, and said while he knows planes, he looks forward to a challenge of getting to know the use of ships and rails with the joint team in the command. Going forward, it is important that the Air Force can get the next generation tanker, the KC-46A, on time along with addressing the challenges of an aging sealift fleet and rail car fleet, he added.