Kunsan Allows Concurrent Short Tours for Couples

The policy governing short-tour assignments at Kunsan AB, South Korea, has changed, allowing Active Duty military couples to serve simultaneously at the base on a case-by-case basis, announced officials. Under the old policy, if one spouse went to Kunsan on assignment, the other would be assigned to Osan Air Base—some 150 miles north of Kunsan, next to Seoul—or another location in country, states Kunsan’s March 27 release. “Our military-to-military couples make significant sacrifices to serve our Air Force,” said Col. Ken Ekman, commander of Kunsan’s 8th Fighter Wing. “Separation during their assignments to Korea should not be one of them,” he added. Currently, some 50 airmen assigned to the 8th FW transit back and forth between Kunsan and Osan to spend time with their spouses, eating up time and money in travel costs. Under the new policy, readiness at Kunsan will remain a top priority, and Active Duty couples who receive a joint spouse assignment will be housed in individual quarters and will not be authorized accompanied housing, said Pacific Air Forces officials.