Kaminski: Don’t Overreach with New Bomber

A sound acquisition strategy for the Air Force’s new bomber would focus on creating a flexible, open architecture and feature a disciplined block upgrade approach, Paul Kaminski, head of the Defense Science Board, told reporters in Washington, D.C., Wednesday. “You want to be careful not to overreach with the first block,” but rather “look at what is mature enough to be included, and . . . leave room for some enhancements in the future,” he explained. Beyond that, “very aggressive red and blue teaming,” is a desirable part of the strategy, said Kaminski. He said he’d consider attributes like hardpoints on the bomber for external carriage of weapons, electronic warfare devices, or surveillance systems. “When you decide to do that, there will be some compromises in the [stealth] signature, but also it gives you some operational flexibility to be used later,” he explained. Kaminski’s comments were based on the findings of the DSB’s new report Enhancing Adaptability of US Military Forces. Emphasis on block upgrades for DOD weapons acquisition was one of the report’s findings. (DSB report; caution, large-sized file)