January/February 2024

Vol. 107, No. 1

Frank Kendall ordered in September a sweeping review of five lines of effort across the department, seeking to uproot the impediments to current and future readiness.
He’s always got a mind on the future and making sure that the decisions we make today aren’t trapped in the environment of today.

Editorial: Re-Optimize Now  

Having focused the services’ modernization efforts around seven Operational Imperatives designed to accelerate the injection of new capabilities into the force, Kendall is now setting his sights on organizational impediments to change.

Extending Endurance for Pacific Conflict 

There is no real guidebook for aircrews on how to adjust their body clock and their circadian rhythm to perform on a different shift. Each individual is trying to navigate that on their own without guidance.

WORLD: Airpower

WORLD Airpower: Force Design 2050; AFFORGEN; New F-15EX fighters arrive.

WORLD: Space

WORLD: Space: Space Command reaches FOC; New Space Force Exercise, Red Skies; Space Planes most watched on orbit; SDA getting 18 more transport layer satellites.

WORLD: Weapons

WORLD: Weapons: Sentinel 37% Over Cost; USAF orders 1,500 SDBs; WC-135 Nuke Sniffer Upgrade.

WORLD: Safety

WORLD: Safety: Deadly Osprey Crash; B-1 crash at Ellsworth.

WORLD: People

WORLD: People: BAH rises 5.4%; CMSAF Bass concerned about Airmen's compensation; Kadena Maintainers win DOD honors.


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