October 2022

Vol. 105, No. 10

More common are the connections Chiefs have with other leaders who came before them, whether they served together in combat or on staffs. Though Ryan and Goldfein hailed from different family lines, their intertwined bonds of service are just as unbreakable. 
Inside the Biggest Noncombatant Evacuation in U.S. Air Force History.

Enhanced Space-Based Missile Tracking

America needs a more resilient missile warning system. Both China and Russia are fielding a new generation of hypersonic, low-flying missiles that U.S. ground-based radars are unable to track in the time needed to provide warning and cue defenses.

Q&A: AFSOC Shifts Focus

Lt. Gen. James C. Slife was set to transition from his role commanding Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, Fla., at the beginning of October, with a likely assignment to the Pentagon next. He visited the Air & Space Forces Association in September for an Air & Space Warfighters in Action event.

World: The Pacific

With the Russian army pummeling Ukraine in Europe, and China increasingly threatening its neighbor Taiwan militarily in the Indo-Pacific, the Air National Guard has embraced the culture of can-do innovation at the core of ACE.

World: Space

World: Space--AFGSC launches second Minuteman III missile; We're not ready to fight China in Space.

World: Acquisition

World: Acquisition--Time to invest in Next-Gen Tankers; Acquisition inflation.


A collection of quotes on air power, space power, and national security issues


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