October 2021

Vol. 104, No. 10

Robots will join the Combat Air Forces within the next decade, flying alongside manned airplanes, bearing extra munitions, assisting with surveillance and jamming, and even making kamikaze attacks to defend their wingmen. These Low-Cost Attritable Aircraft Systems (LCAAS), in development since 2015, seek to affordably increase the size and capability of the fleet without adding more pilots or the airborne life-support systems they require.
The Air Force Force Generation model will completely overhaul the way the service trains, equips, and deploys its forces.
The gap between Earth orbit and the moon is open, uncharted, and undefended.

Outstanding Airmen of the Year

The Outstanding Airman Program annually recognizes 12 enlisted members for superior leadership, job performance, community involvement, and personal achievements.


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AFA in Action

AFA honors WWII Bombardier, Lt. Armand Sedgeley; Texas CAP siblings earn Spaatz Award.