December 2006

Vol. 89, No. 12

The Night Shift

When the sun goes down, the workday is just beginning at Hurlburt Field, Fla., for Air Force Special Operations Command’s gunship crews.

Aerospace World

Airman Killed in Iraq Patrol A1C Leebernard E. Chavis, 21, of Hampton, Va., died Oct. 14 on duty in Iraq. Chavis was killed while serving as a turret gunner during a patrol of the Baghdad area with Iraqi police, the...


Quagmire Theories “The American people have heard the critics say we’re failing—but their reasons keep changing. In the first days of Operation Enduring Freedom, the critics warned that we were headed toward a ‘quagmire.’ And then when the Taliban fell,...

P-51 Mustang

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USAAF’s Declaration of Independence

“War Department Field Manual FM 100-20: Command and Employment of Airpower” United States War Department Washington, D.C. July 21, 1943 FULL TEXT VERSION In World War II, the drive for a separate US air arm moved two giant steps forward....


The Ten Truths Regarding “The Ten Truths,” by Editor in Chief Robert S. Dudney, October 2006, [“Editorial,” p. 2]: Sounds a lot like [a] hymn “How Great We Art.” In the 1950s, I would argue with my brother. I said,...