May 2004

Vol. 87, No. 5

Major Commands

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Aerospace World

MC Rates at Six-Year High Air Force aircraft in 2003 posted an aggregate mission capable rate of 75.9 percent—USAF’s highest readiness rate since 1997. This was the third consecutive year that the MC rate had increased after declining throughout the...


Fly With the Best He’s a good pilot. I’m his passenger quite often, and only when I want to tease him do I get a life preserver and a whistle and a flashlight. But he’s a terrific pilot.”—Secretary of the...

McPeak on Desert Storm

“Operation Desert Storm” Gen. Merrill A. McPeak, USAF DOD News Conference, Washington, D.C. March 15, 1991 FULL TEXT VERSION “My private conviction is that this is the first time in history that a field army has been defeated by airpower.”...