Isolationist Tendencies

Prominent conservative columnist and commentator Charles Krauthammer sees American isolationist tendencies on the rise. This is a natural tendency, he said Tuesday at AFA’s 2013 Air and Space Conference in National Harbor, Md. American history (with the nation becoming the world’s greatest superpower almost by accident after two world wars destroyed Europe’s economic might and influence) and geography (the United States shares land borders with friendly nations and is separated by oceans from other great powers) conspire to encourage isolationism, he said. The United States never sought this position in the world order, he said, but accepts it because of the peace, order, and good behavior the ever-present prospect of American military intervention encourages. To overcome isolationist tendencies, Presidents would traditionally make the case for foreign intervention, when appropriate. President Obama has presided over a muddled and inconsistent foreign policy, however, with unclear priorities and no effective advocacy for overseas action, said Krauthammer, adding “we cannot hide from the world.”