ISIS’s Last Stand in Libya

US aircraft and the Libyan Government of National Accord have forced remaining ISIS fighters into two city blocks in the city of Sirte, where they have held out for weeks in the face of constant airstrikes. US aircraft began supporting Libyan forces on Aug. 1 in their effort to oust ISIS from the city and airstrikes from remotely piloted aircraft and manned aircraft off the USS Wasp have regularly hit ISIS positions. Aircraft on Wednesday hit 14 fighting positions inside the city bringing the total to 467, according to US Africa Command. The “very few” remaining ISIS forces are in apartment buildings in smaller than a one mile radius, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said Thursday. The fighters have stubbornly remained there for weeks, showing limitations of Libyan forces in their ability to finally clear the city. It is “ISIL’s last stand” in Libya, Davis said.