Human Error Caused Fatal Collision

Air Combat Command investigators have found that an F-16 pilot’s failure to reduce airspeed and execute proper maneuvers when rejoining his flight lead during a nighttime training mission over the Atlantic Ocean last October, led to a midair collision that killed the pilot and damaged the flight leader’s aircraft. Both F-16s were from the 77th Fighter Squadron at Shaw AFB, S.C. The collision occurred 126 nautical miles southeast of the base. Capt. Nicholas Giglio is the pilot who lost his life. He never had a chance to eject, ACC said Monday in releasing the findings of its accident investigation board. His F-16 impacted the water and was destroyed. Capt. Lee Bryant was the flight lead that night. He was uninjured and managed to land his moderately damaged aircraft safely at Charleston AFB, S.C., according to ACC. (ACC release) (AIB report)