House Appropriators Pass Fiscal 2014 Defense Spending Bill

The House Appropriations Committee passed its version of the Fiscal 2014 defense spending bill, clearing the legislation for the House floor. The panel approved the legislation on June 12 by voice vote, according to the committee’s release. The bill provides $512.5 billion for the Pentagon’s base budget—$3.4 billion below the Defense Department’s request, states the release. (Editor’s note: DOD asked for $526.6 billion, which includes $11 billion for military construction that isn’t covered in the HAC bill, so the numbers roughly add up.) The HAC total is approximately $28.1 billion above the current level called for under the budget sequester, according to the release. The bill also includes $85.8 billion in war funding, more than the Pentagon’s request. The HAC’s action follows House defense authorizers who earlier this month approved their version of the Fiscal 2014 defense policy bill. They provided $552.1 billion in base defense spending and $85.8 billion in war funding. The White House, upset that the Republican-led authorizers provided higher-than-requested defense funding, warned on June 11 that President Obama’s senior advisors “would recommend vetoing any appropriations legislation that implements” this budget framework. (HAC bill text and bill report; caution, large-sized files.)