Himalayan Herc

The Indian Air Force landed one of its C-130J transports at the Daulat Beg Oldie airstrip in the Himalayas, reportedly the world’s highest landing strip, reported The Hindu. The transport touched down at DBO on Aug. 20, with the IAF claiming that the feat qualifies for a world record as the highest landing by an aircraft of this class, according to the newspaper. “The C-130 has long been known to do what no other aircraft can do and go where no other aircraft can go,” George Schultz, Lockheed Martin’s C-130 programs general manager, told the Daily Report in response to a query for the company’s comment. “Achieving this feat is testament to the effectiveness of the Indian Air Force and their ability to leverage the multi-mission capabilities of the C-130J,” he said. The Hindu noted that the landing sent “a subtle, but strong message to China,” that the Indians can use their C-130Js to insert troops and supply them at such remote heights. DBO is in the Ladakh region of India, near disputed border areas with China. India inducted the first of its C-130Js into service in February 2011.