Help the Space Force Name Its Troops

The Space Force wants Air Force space professionals to help it name its forces, operational units, and ranks.

“As we continue to forge the Space Force into a lean, agile and forward-looking 21st century warfighting branch, we want to provide space professionals the opportunity to influence what the members of our new service will be called,” USSF Vice Commander Lt. Gen. D.T. Thompson said in a release. “The decisions we make today will shape the Space Force for decades to come, so we want to ensure those who will serve in the Space Force have a say when it comes to important organizational and cultural identity considerations.”

Now through Feb. 24, individuals with USAF Common Access Cards who have Air Force Portal access can join in the conversation, according to a Feb. 13 Air Force release.

The service has set a few ground rules for the brainstorm. Ideas can’t be gender-specific or “violate copyrights, infringe on trademarks or other intellectual property rights, or be proprietary,” the release noted. Space Force officials have also dictated that ideas need to be “distinctive,” “in good taste,” and focused on “a future-oriented military force.”

However, service leaders have already decided that calling USSF personnel “space cadets” or “spacemen” is off the table.

USSF officials also plan to reach out to Army, Navy, and Marine Corps military space professionals, the release said.

“Once the submission deadline closes, a panel of Space Force officials will review inputs, along with other feedback received from various sources, to help inform a final decision on the new Space Force member moniker,” the release states. “That decision, which will be made by senior Space Force leaders, will be announced publicly at a future date to be determined.”