Goal Surpassed in Reducing Aviation Fuel Use

The Air Force exceeded its goal for decreasing consumption of aviation fuel by 10 percent three years ahead of schedule, said the service’s acting undersecretary, Jamie Morin, on Thursday. Back in 2006, the service announced its intent to curb aviation fuel use by that amount by 2015. However, through a combination of investments, policy initiatives, and other activities, the service has already been able to reduce its “total consumption by more than 12 percent,” Morin told reporters during an energy roundtable on March 21. The Air Force has also reduced facility energy intensity by more than 21 percent since 2003 and increased the use of renewable energy, he said. Last year, 5.5 percent of the Air Force’s electricity came from renewable energy sources. “These are fundamentally important accomplishments for the nation,” said Morin. “Every taxpayer dollar we can save on energy is absolutely going to help us transform resources into increased Air Force readiness, increased combat capability for the joint force.” (See also The Air Force’s Fuel Problem from Air Force Magazine’s archives.)