General Officer Acculturation

Experts with the Air Force Culture and Language Center at Maxwell AFB, Ala., are helping to prepare flag officers for deployments of more than 180 days by offering a course that familiarizes them with the languages and cultures they may encounter. “It was a fascinating two weeks,” said Brig. Gen. Anthony Rock in describing his experience with the General Officer Pre-Deployment Acculturation Course. Rock was Air Command and Staff College commander at Maxwell through December. He is now starting his new assignment as head of USAF’s training and advisory mission in Iraq. “The culture training was more than just how to shake hands, how to drink tea,” said Rock. He said he saw first-hand the value of his training when he met some Iraqis on an orientation tour to Baghdad. “When I spoke a little Arabic, they were surprised,” he said. (Maxwell report by Scott Knuteson)