General Overload

There are at least 12 US generals in Iraq, despite the fact that only about 5,000 total US troops are deployed to Iraq and Syria, The Daily Beast reported Thursday. Army Lt. Gen. Sean McFarland heads up the war against ISIS, and is joined by at least one of his two deputies, Army two-star generals in charge of the ground war and security cooperation and their deputies, and general officers tasked with intelligence, operations, future operations, targeting, and theater support, according to The Daily Beast report. Additionally, the war is supported by several generals outside of Iraq—including US Air Forces Central Command boss Lt. Gen. Charles Brown. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford told reporters March 25 the US has 3,800 US troops directly in support of the mission at any time, though troops on temporary duty or in direct support of the embassy are not counted in that figure. Though officials have avoided calling the war against ISIS “combat,” and Congress has thus far refused to pass an Authorization for the Use of Military Force for the conflict, Defense Secretary Ash Carter on March 30 announced there will be a campaign medal for those who served in Operation Inherent Resolve.