Former 20th AF Commander Drunk, Rude During Russian Visit

A recent report from the Air Force Inspector General found that Maj. Gen. Michael Carey, former commander of 20th Air Force, violated Article 133—conduct unbecoming an officer—during a trip to Russia in July. According to the report, Carey, who was leading a US delegation of military and civilian nuclear security experts in Moscow for a joint nuclear security exercise, was repeatedly drunk and often rude during the trip. While having drinks with his team on July 15, Carey boasted “of the importance of his position” and complained “that his group had the worst morale and that the leadership wasn’t supporting him,” according to the report. During a lunch banquet on July 16, Carey made inappropriate comments about Syria and National Security Administration leaker Edward Snowden “that were not well received.” He then went on to announce “he had met two hot women the night before,” states the report. The same day, during a tour of a local monestery, Carey was so drunk he slurred his words, interrupted the tour guide, and attempted to give the guide a “fist bump.” One witness described Carey as “pouting” and “sulking” over the day’s activities while another said, “he was not totally coherent” and didn’t have “all his faculties,” states the report. (Click here for the full report)