First HARM Upgrade Kits Delivered

Raytheon delivered the first order of control section modification units for the Air Force’s AGM-88M High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missiles, announced the company. This upgrade is known as HCSM. It adds Global Positioning System guidance and “improves inertial navigation system capability at a substantial savings compared to other weapons with similar capability,” said Jack Roosa, Raytheon’s HARM program director. The new gear “improves mission effectiveness and significantly reduces the risk of collateral damage,” he said. HCSM also adds features to the HARM for engaging time-critical targets and resisting countermeasure tactics, states the company’s Nov. 21 release. The delivery was made in early November, according to the release. Honeywell and Rockwell Collins are teamed with Raytheon for this work. HARMs are designed to suppress or destroy air defense radars.