Exceptional Family Member Program Launching Online Portal for Travel Screening

On April 15, the Air Force Exceptional Family Member Program will launch a web portal to let participating families start, track, and request updates on their Family Member Travel Screening packages from the comfort of their homes, according to an Air Force Surgeon General release.

“We understand how time consuming and frustrating the screening process can be,” Catheryn Mauro, a senior topic specialist for the program, said in the release. “Using this virtual platform will give these families back precious time they would have otherwise spent on forms and appointments.”

A Common Access Card will be required to access the website, which will be located here.

According to the release, USAF is also working to ensure EFMP families can get the medical clearances they need to PCS as planned once military travel goes back to normal.

“We have been coordinating closely with the Air Force Personnel Center assignments team to make sure we identify families who still need medical clearance and make sure they are able to safely transition to their new assignment when travel restrictions are lifted,” said Lt. Col. Lisa Hoyt, Air Force Programs for Families with Special Needs program manager, in the release.

Additionally, the release noted, even though multiple EFMP offices are working remotely because of the new coronavirus pandemic, they’re still available to help military families.

“While many EFMP offices are taking precautions to slow down the spread of COVID-19 by teleworking, they are accessible and can assist with enrollments, navigating the virtual travel screening process, and are available for phone interviews,” the release stated.