Eighth Air Force AOC Now Eaker Center

The 8th Air Force Air and Space Operations Center at Barksdale AFB, La., formally changed its name last week to the Eaker Air and Space Operations Center, honoring one of the USAF’s airpower legends, Gen. Ira Eaker, who guided the World War II -era 8th Air Force. At the renaming ceremony, 8th AF commander Maj. Gen. Floyd Carpenter, said the name change reflected not only Eakers ties to the organization but also as a tribute to his ability as “a great planner in World War II.” Carpenter explained, “Long range aviation was the only answer we had, and the thought to do that in the daytime, when you took a lot of casualties, that was a decision that took great moral courage, and a great moral courage to defend.” He added, “Our hope is to follow his example in like manner as we continue in our work defending this great nation.” (Barksdale report by Carla Pampe)