Dover Inspires Aerial Port of the Future

A team of 25 researchers and scientists recently visited the 436th Aerial Port Squadron at Dover AFB, Del., to gather ideas for their project, which calls for them to envision the Aerial Port of the Future. Beginning with the Air Force Future Operating Concept, the team was tasked with mining concepts from Third Offset strategy in order to use automation and artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and safety at USAF’s aerial ports. The team previously visited the Port of Virginia, Norfolk, Va., and they will complete their travel with a visit to observe robotic operations at several commercial warehouses in Seattle, Wash. A visit to Dover made sense because of its size and the volume of air cargo it processes on a daily basis. “This visit in particular has really invigorated our team,” said Donna Senft, AMC chief scientist and project lead, according to a press release. “We’re just coming up with all sorts of ideas. We really appreciate the time Team Dover put into our visit and their effort to put these tours together to show us how they do their work every day.”