Discover ‘Weapons & Platforms,’ Air Force Magazine’s New Digital Database

Ever wondered when the B-52 bomber made its first flight? What armaments are on the F-35 fighter? Just how many thousands of pounds a C-17 transport can haul? Authoritative answers are now a few clicks away.

Air Force Magazine’s new Weapons & Platforms database builds on our annual Air Force & Space Force Almanac and combines that with recent and relevant news coverage of the system in a new digital format, creating a valuable resource that Airmen and Guardians, as well as content researchers and aviation enthusiasts, can leverage. You’ll find the database on the main navigation bar on every page of this website.

Initially, this new section is limited to 30 aircraft types currently in the Air Force’s inventory—every fighter, bomber, tanker, airlifter, helicopter, and trainer. Additional aircraft, space systems, and munitions will be added in the coming weeks.

Organized by category, each individual airframe has its own page, including an overview of its history, dimensions, capacities, and performance details, and more. The latest news reports related to the airframe follow.

From the VC-25 Air Force One to the A-10 Warthog, you now have a reliable go-to source for insight on Air Force aircraft. Got comments or concerns? Write to