Defining a Virtual Headquarters

The Air Force’s new Cyber Command (Provisional) plans to have the command establish initial operations this fall, even without a permanent headquarters, by operating in a “virtual environment” with staff spread across the US, according to a June 24 release. AFCYBER plans to set up operations with about 240 positions at 10 bases, including Barksdale AFB, La., home to the provisional HQ, as shown on this map. Earlier this year, the command laid out its organizational structure and noted, but did not specify, its intention to disperse HQ staff. In this latest release, the AFCYBER (P) commander, Maj. Gen. William Lord, said establishing a “virtual environment” will limit relocation of new command personnel until the Air Force selects a permanent site. Ultimately the command expects to have a headquarters staff of around 450, but it does not yet know whether it will tap more than the 240 it plans to fill this summer at the 10 identified locations or hold the positions open until the service announces a winner, now expected in fall 2009. (Includes AFCYBER report by Karen Petitt)