Details Murky as ARRW Falls Short in Second Test

The second all-up flight of the AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon on March 13 fell short of a fully successful test, but the Air Force isn’t saying what went wrong with the Lockheed Martin-built hypersonic missile. The defense giant's Missiles and Fire Control division recently said the ARRW is "ready to go" into production.

US Air Strikes Hit Back at Iran’s Proxy Forces in Syria After Deadly Drone Attack

The U.S. Air Force stuck two Iranian-backed militia sites in Syria early on the morning of March 24 local time, responding to a drone attack that killed a U.S. contractor in northeastern Syria the previous day, the Pentagon said. The militia attacks are the latest in an escalating series of drone and missile strikes the U.S. blames on Iran-backed groups in Iraq and Syria. Iranian-backed forces have attacked U.S. troops in Syria around 80 times since the start of 2021, according to American accounts.

Radar Sweep

OPINION: Securing the Future by Investing in the Present

Air Force Times

As we develop a fully networked force with our allies and partners, the ability of the F-35 to collect and synthesize data will be an incredible force multiplier as part of Joint All Domain Command and Control, or JADC2. To harness these capabilities, our services need a much better engine.

Space Force Asks Congress for Classified Funding Boost in ‘Wish List’

Defense News

The U.S. Space Force sent Congress a mostly classified fiscal 2024 “wish list” that includes $434 million for six unnamed programs. Defense News obtained the document, referred to as an “unfunded priorities list.” The request is separate from the service’s FY24 budget proposal, highlighting for lawmakers projects it did not pursue within its $30 billion spending plan.

DOD to Convene Conference on Generative AI Amid Concerns About ‘Hallucinations’


The Department of Defense will host a conference in June to look at ways that the U.S. military can leverage generative artificial intelligence for “decision support and superiority.” But the Pentagon is well aware of the technology’s current shortcomings, according to Deputy CTO for Critical Technologies Maynard Holliday.

Ukraine Using Soviet-Era Choppers to Pummel Russia From Afar

Associated Press

Skimming the treetops, three Soviet-era attack helicopters bank and swoop down on a field after an early-morning mission to the front lines in the fight against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Each day, they might fly three or four sorties, says the commander, whose two-crew Mi-24 helicopter, built about 40 years ago, is older than he is.

US Air Force Wants Money to Speed E-7 Purchases in FY24 Wish List

Military Times

The U.S. Air Force wants to speed up its procurement of Boeing E-7A battlefield management and command-and-control aircraft, as part of the service’s so-called wish list for the fiscal 2024 budget. The nearly $2.5 billion unfunded priorities list includes more than $633 million for accelerating the delivery of the E-7, which the Air Force plans to eventually replace the E-3 Sentry airborne warning and control, or AWACS, aircraft.

Nordic Countries Plan Joint Air Defense to Counter Russian Threat


Military officials in four Nordic countries have announced the creation of a unified air defense force to counter the perceived threat from Russia. Air force commanders from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden on March 24 said their forces would be integrated to operate jointly on the basis of NATO standards. The countries have about 400 modern jet fighters either in service or on order.

Balloon Intercepted By US Air Force Over Texas

The War Zone

North American Aerospace Defense Command sent fighters, a supporting KC-135 tanker, and an E-3 Sentry Airborne Warning and Control aircraft after a suspicious radar track over southern Texas that was approaching the Gulf of Mexico.

Air Force CROWS Wants to Expand Cyber Defenses Within Space Force


A U.S. Air Force office focused on making sure aircraft and weapon systems are hardened against cyber intrusions wants to expand its reach within the Space Force. The Cyber Resiliency Office for Weapon Systems, also known as CROWS, works with acquisition and testing teams to make sure old and new platforms are protected against cyber threats. The organization established Cyber Focus Teams to do this work within Air Force program executive offices and wants to replicate that work within the Space Force.

Ukraine’s Air Force Is Now Allowing Foreigners to Sign Up As Pilots as It Pushes for Western Fighter Jets

Business Insider

Ukraine's Air Force said it will now allow foreigners to serve as pilots and engineering specialists, with a spokesperson stressing the fact that Ukraine will likely need international recruits if and when it starts to receive Western combat aircraft. Yurii Ihnat, a spokesperson for the commander of Ukraine's air force, said in a statement that foreign citizens will be able to join if they have suitable military training.

PODCAST: China’s Diplomatic Ascent: Key Observations

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

In Episode 121 of the Aerospace Advantage, China’s Diplomatic Ascent: Key Observations, John “Slick” Baum talks with China expert Daniel Rice about how the Asian superpower is gaining increased influence around the globe. Much of this ties to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), a large-scale infrastructure and investment project first put forward by Xi Jinping in 2013. Since then, it has served as a center piece of Chinese foreign policy. This episode explores how China is using BRI to spread its influence abroad and how BRI has evolved over time. We also discuss China’s strategic partnership and support of Russia, including how China is leveraging BRI to further this engagement.

Slovakia Delivers First 4 Soviet-Era MiG-29 Jets to Ukraine

Associated Press

The first four of 13 Soviet-era MiG-29 fighter jets that Slovakia decided to give Ukraine have been safely handed over to the Ukrainian air force, the Slovak Defense Ministry said on March 23. The ministry said the warplanes were flown from Slovakia to Ukraine by Ukrainian pilots with help from the Slovak air force, Ukrainian personnel and others.

Russia Plans To Station Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Belarus, Putin Says


Russia plans to station tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus, President Vladimir Putin said March 25. Moscow will complete the construction of a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by the beginning of July, Putin told state broadcaster Russia 1. During the interview, Putin said Russia had helped Belarus convert 10 aircraft to make them capable of carrying tactical nuclear warheads and would start training pilots to fly the re-configured planes early next month.

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Why Look At Planes?

The New York Times

Plane spotters are everywhere in the world, but dramatically so here: In Los Angeles, where one is primed to view the everyday cinematically, the distance between person and airplane can feel as thrillingly thin as the space between Cary Grant and the crop duster in Alfred Hitchcock’s “North by Northwest.”