Pratt & Whitney to Resume F-35 Engine Deliveries after 2-Month Hold

The government has cleared Pratt & Whitney to resume providing F135 engines to Lockheed Martin, but deliveries of some 21 F-35s completed but not yet handed over to government users is still on hold. Acceptance flights and deliveries of the all-up jets may resume the week of Feb. 27, but Pratt will be issuing technical orders to the field to resolve a "harmonic resonance" problem in the fighter engine.

Cutting-Edge Drones Headed to Ukraine in Latest US Aid

The conflict in Ukraine is increasingly emerging as a test bed for new American unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Since neither Russia nor Ukraine’s air force has been able to achieve air superiority, both sides have turned to drones to augment their capabilities.

Radar Sweep

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Yellen Confronts Russian Officials at G20 Meeting

The New York Times

Treasury Secretary Janet L. Yellen directly confronted senior Russian officials during a meeting of finance ministers of the Group of 20 nations on Feb. 24, calling it a “moral imperative” to end the war in Ukraine.

Russians Playing with Javelins: US Army, Russia Display Weapons Yards Apart in the Desert

Breaking Defense

Two countries on opposing sides of the ongoing war inside Ukraine stood virtually side-by-side at the Naval Defense & Security Exposition in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Looming large near the end of a long cement dock was a dark blue building declaring “Russia” in bold letters on the side. U.S. Army soldiers were manning their own, much simpler tent just a few yards down the dock.

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OPINION: Why Ukraine Needs F-16s

The Wall Street Journal

A boost in air power in its war against Russia would allow Kyiv to destroy missiles, aircraft, and offensive-drone launch sites.

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Federal Workers Oppose Proposed Pentagon Civilian Workforce Cut

Stars & Stripes

The American Federation of Government Employees, in a letter to congressional and administration leaders, criticized a plan to purportedly save $25 billion in each of the next five years by not filling a portion of the civilian positions at the Defense Department that are vacated each year.

How the Air Force Flew Its Longest-distance Night Hostage Rescue

Task & Purpose

On Oct. 31, 2020, four CV-22 tiltrotor transports carried a team of Navy SEAL Team Six operators 2,000 miles into northern Nigeria, where the SEALs parachuted into the darkness to rescue an American named Philp Walton who had been kidnapped four days earlier by a group of armed men.

PODCAST: Effective Airpower: It Takes Informed Perspectives

Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies

In episode 117 of the Aerospace Advantage, John “Slick” Baum talks to Col. Mathew Berry, commandant of the Air Force’s Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), and Col Sarah Bakhtiari, Dean of Education at ACSC about how they are working to train the next generation of airmen. For the past two decades, the United States national security community was predominantly focused on counter insurgency combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. With the sunset of those missions and the rise of peer adversaries like China and Russia, paired with the continued threat posed by mid-tier actors like Iran and North Korea, it is critical to ensure airmen understand these new threat paradigms and how best to apply airpower in support of national security objectives. Much of this education takes place at Air University (AU)—the service’s preeminent professional military education institution. This episode will explore how leaders at ACSC, a key component of AU, are facilitating this transition to help cultivate air-minded airmen equipped to meet the challenges that increasingly define the national security environment in which they must operate.

One More Thing

Boeing Engineers Set a New Record for Paper Plane Flight Distance


Dillon Ruble and Garrett Jensen, both engineers at Boeing, broke a record in December that had only a little to do with their day jobs: They broke the record for farthest flight by a paper aircraft, sending a sheet of paper 88.318 meters, or almost 290 feet.