Radar Sweep

Boeing, Saab Respond to NATO E-3 Successor Calls

Aviation Week

Boeing and Saab each confirmed they responded to NATO’s request for information on successors to the E-3 AWACS. Boeing provided data on its 737-based E-7 Wedgetail and Saab provided details on its Bombardier Global business jet-based GlobalEye.

Pentagon Tight-Lipped Regarding Alleged Military Email and Data Exposure

Defense Scoop

The Defense Department is reportedly conducting a new review prompted by an alert from a non-government source that heaps of U.S. military emails containing sensitive personnel data were exposed publicly online this month, via a server hosted on Microsoft’s Azure government cloud.

PODCAST: Russia’s Winter Offensive

War on the Rocks

Mike Kofman sat down with Nicholas Danforth to discuss Russia’s latest offensive, it’s focus, and why it has been underwhelming so far. The conversation analyzes the current state of the conflict, where it may be headed, the constraints each side may face in the coming months, and whether this year could see decisive turning points in the war.