Officer Promotions

Under New Rules, Officer Promotion Boards Will See More Negative Information

Some negative information that once might have been withheld from Air Force officer promotion boards will now be seen and evaluated, the Air Force announced. The new rules comply with the fiscal 2021 National Defense Authorization Act, which mandates more transparency in promotions. The Air Force's top personnel officer, however, said it won't end the careers of those making “one mistake.”
Press conference by the NATO Secretary General after the meetings of the Ministers of Defence

NATO to Increase Presence in Iraq, Afghanistan Future Unclear

NATO will increase its presence in Iraq following the U.S. drawdown in the country, but its future force size in Afghanistan is still up in the air as violence remains high. The alliance's presence in Iraq will grow from 500 to about 4,000, not including the 2,500 American troops now deployed to the country, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Feb. 18, following two days of meetings with member nations' defense leaders. Training activities also will expand to Iraqi security institutions beyond Baghdad, he added. The future in Afghanistan is less clear, due to Taliban violence.
Acting Secretary of the Air Force and Nordic Ministers of Defense sign Letter of Intent strengthening U.S. and Nordic defese ties

USAF to Continue Large Exercise, Increase Training With Five Arctic Nations

The United States and five other Arctic nations will continue one of the continent's largest air exercises, the Pentagon announced. Acting Air Force Secretary John P. Roth and the defense ministers of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden signed a letter of intent to continue the Arctic Challenge Exercise this June. The exercise was last held in 2019, and included more than 140 aircraft and 4,000 troops from nine countries. The letter also expands on the Air Force’s first-ever Arctic Strategy, which called for increased interoperability with key allies in the region, according to a Feb. 18 release.

30 Years After Desert Storm: Feb. 19-21

In commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Operation Desert Storm, Air Force Magazine is posting daily recollections from the six-week war, which expelled Iraq from occupied Kuwait.

Radar Sweep

The Pentagon Says There’s No Data on Troops Refusing Vaccines. One General Just Proved Them Wrong

Task and Purpose

“I think our initial look—and this, of course, is very early data—is acceptance rates are somewhere in the two-thirds territory, and of course it varies by different groups,” Maj. Gen. Jeff Taliaferro testified before the House Armed Services Committee. Taliaferro, vice director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is the first defense official to publicly acknowledge that the military knows how many troops are opting to not get a COVID-19 vaccine.

‘They Know All About It’: Pentagon Report Details Military Reach of Supremacist Groups

A 59-page Pentagon report that was submitted to members of Congress in October and obtained by this week shows the reach some white supremacist groups have in the military ranks. While the number of overall cases is low, the report states that the combination of extremist affiliations and military experience is a national security concern "because of their proven ability to execute high-impact events."

Army Chief To Navy, Air Force: We’ve Got ‘Speed & Range’

Breaking Defense

“The future is all about range and speed,” Gen. McConville declared, and longtime Army watchers perked up. With the other services circling for a prophesied budgetary “bloodletting”, the Army really needs a clear and catchy argument for its modernization program.

Space Force Says New Anti-Jamming Upgrade Coming in 2022


The Space and Missile Systems Center completed three virtual tests of a new anti-jamming capability for satellite communications in the final months of 2020, the center announced Feb. 17. The mitigation and anti-jam enhancement program will provide advanced anti-jamming support for Wideband Global SATCOM, which provides satellite communications to American war fighters around the world. Once operational, the capability will allow the WGS constellation to pinpoint and mitigate attempts to jam its signal.

US Space Command to Recommend Investments in Space Infrastructure


The U.S. military over decades has built extensive infrastructure to move troops and equipment around the world. It may now need to start thinking about investing in foundation technologies to support future activities in space, said Lt. Gen. John E. Shaw, deputy commander of U.S. Space Command.