Changes Coming to Air Force Magazine Online

The Air Force Association is launching a members-only area for its content, including specific areas of Air Force Magazine. Over the past few months, AFA has announced several new changes in the realm of digital communications. In February, AFA launched the eMember option. And, earlier this month, it introduced the high-definition, digital edition of Air Force Magazine. These changes are leading toward the implementation of a members-only area for access to Air Force Magazine, including a system that will restrict access to certain online content unless you are a paid member. The members-only area will go into effect on May 1. After that time, an AFA membership is required to have full access to all Air Force Magazine content and specific login information will need to be established. For AFA members who have established a login for, the same login will give access to the digital edition of the magazine. AFA eMembers are automatically subscribed to this new digital version of Air Force Magazine. Members who receive the print version of the magazine may also receive the digital magazine at no additional cost. To establish a login, go to, select “Login” at the top of the page, and follow the instructions. To become a member, click here.