Building Partners in the Pacific

US and Indonesian airmen worked side-by-side for five days in late April during a Pacific Agility subject matter exchange hosted by the Indonesian Air Force. US airmen in various F-16 career fields traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia, to share information on F-16 aircraft maintenance. “This engagement is very special, it marks the first time we’ve ever had an engagement with Indonesia in this aspect, under the umbrella of Pacific Agility,” said USAF Capt. Bryn Sowa, Pacific Air Forces directorate of logistics, engineering, and force protection. Pacific Agility is a bilateral humanitarian assistance civil military operation meant to build partnerships through outreach projects and subject matter exchanges. “The conversations we’ve had focused not only on F-16 maintenance but talk about their families, their hobbies, and getting to learn about their culture,” said Sowa. “I’ve learned so much and built some really strong relationships in a matter of days.” IAF Maj. Andy Sukmawan, with the 16th Squadron at Roesmin Nurjadin Air Base, said he hopes there will be more exchanges in the future. (PACAF release)