Budget Deal Gives DOD Additional $12.5 Billion

Lawmakers have by this coming Friday night to sign a continuing resolution keeping the government running through September, and they’re purportedly eyeing a deal reached Sunday that will allow that to happen on time. The $1 trillion deal, according to Reuters, gives the Defense Department an extra $12.5 billion and another $2.5 billion if President Donald Trump delineates for Congress how he plans to defeat ISIS. It also funds the National Institutes for Health with an extra $2 billion. The deal specifically pivots funds to “an array of federal programs from airport and border security operations to soldiers’ pay, medical research, foreign aid, space exploration, and education,” according to the article. The deal will have to be approved by the House of Representatives and later by the Senate. The alleged deal comes two day after lawmakers pushed a measure to fund the government through this Friday. If congress doesn’t sign a continuing resolution by the new deadlines, hundreds of thousands of federal workers will get laid off.