Big Change for Big Transport

On Aug. 9, airmen at Dover AFB, Del., will begin a major inspection of the first C-5 transport to be handled under a new inspection program that, if successful, would make more C-5s available for use every day fleet-wide and could save the Air Force more than $1 billion over the next two decades. “We’re crossing major commands and working with Guard, Reserve, and active duty to make a fleet-wide change,” said Capt. Edward DeFalcon of Dover’s 105th Maintenance Squadron. In the past, C-5s would go to the Warner Robins Air Logistics Center in Georgia, every five years for a complete overhaul, and each C-5 base would perform its own minor inspections. Under the new regime, a C-5 will enter the depot process only once every eight years. In between, on 16-month increments, there will be two minor inspections of every C-5, conducted at selected ANG and Reserve bases, followed by a major inspection at Dover for every C-5, and then two more minor inspections before each C-5 arrives at the depot for overhaul. (Dover report by SSgt. Chad Padgett)