Andersen Conducts Crash-Response Exercise

Airmen from Andersen AFB, Guam, along with local Guam government officials and sailors from Naval Base Guam, conducted a mass casualty-response exercise, simulating an aircraft crash at Andersen. The exercise was the first in Andersen history to include off-base, and sister service elements and assets, according to Andersen officials. Airmen carried out emergency-response procedures, coordinated elements and assets from the local government and the Navy, and simulated the beginning of a safety investigation board after completing initial recovery during the Jan. 30 exercise. “The objective in this particular exercise was to totally overtax both Andersen and Guam’s systems, and I think we succeeded,” said Lt. Col. William Percival, 36th Wing safety chief. He added, “I expected to see mass chaos first, and then observe how the response teams decided to mitigate that and save lives. They responded admirably.” (Andersen report by A1C Whitney Tucker)