Airmen Bring Egyptian Refugees Home

C-130J transports from the 37th Airlift Squadron at Ramstein AB, Germany, joined Marine Corps KC-130s in airlifting more than 300 Egyptian citizens from Djerba, Tunisia, back home to Egypt. “Thank you for helping us in this difficult time. Our regards to the American people,” said an Egyptian customs official who met the arriving aircraft in Cairo on March 5. The Egyptians fled from Libya into Tunisia to escape the violent unrest in Libya. “It’s a long day for us, but it’s well worth it to help someone to get home and get back to their family,” said SSgt. John-Paul Hansen, one of the C-130J loadmasters. The C-130Js also brought in loads of relief supplies to Djaerba. President Obama announced on March 3 that US military aircraft would help bring the displaced Egyptians home. (Cairo report by MSgt. Jim Fisher and Djaerba report by Fisher)