Airman Nominated as STRATCOM Deputy Commander

President Donald Trump nominated Lt. Gen. Thomas Bussiere, head of US Northern Command’s Alaska group, to be US Strategic Command’s No. 2 officer, according to a Jan. 13 Pentagon announcement.

If confirmed, Bussiere will replace Vice Adm. David Kriete as deputy commander, and serve under Adm. Chas Richard, who took over the top post in November.

Bussiere’s other titles currently include 11th Air Force commander under Pacific Air Forces and commander of the Alaskan North American Aerospace Defense Region at JB Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska.

“He is the senior military officer in Alaska, responsible for the integration of all military activities in the Alaskan joint operations area, synchronizing the activities of more than 21,000 Active Duty and reserve forces from all services,” according to the Air Force. “Bussiere directs operations to ensure effective surveillance, monitoring, and defense of the region’s airspace. He is also responsible for the planning and execution of all homeland defense operations within the area of responsibility, including security and civil support actions.”

His job at 11th Air Force entails overseeing training and readiness of five wings and USAF installations in Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam. Past jobs include time in the bomber and nuclear communities, among the core missions Bussiere would manage at STRATCOM.