Air Force Reserve Streamlines

The Force Generation Center, a one-stop shop for Air Force Reserve calls-ups, will begins operations in October and is projected to be fully operational by 2012. The new organization, which will be based at Robins AFB, Ga., will serve as a single site for all Reserve war-time taskings. Air Force Reserve Command officials say it is the “most significant organizational change” proposed as part of a broader strategy, dubbed “AFR 2012,” to streamline the command’s management structures and strengthen expertise in a wide range of missions. “AFR 2012 is our vision to enhance the predictability and sustainability of our Reserve force. We’re going to remove bureaucratic redundancies and barriers to service,” said Lt. Gen. Charles Stenner, AFR chief. These changes are based on lessons learned in supporting operations in Southwest Asia since 2001. (Robins release on center) (Robins release on AFR 2012)