Air Force Warns Airmen Against Using CBD Products

​The Air Force is warning its airmen not to join in on the CBD craze, saying the popular cannabis-based products can cause them to test positive for marijuana.

Cannabidiol—an extract from cannabis that does not include the psychoactive THC component of marijuana—has emerged as a hugely popular ingredient in oils, teas, lotions, and many other products.

The Air Force, in a Nov. 19 statement, said the products are largely unregulated and could still contain traces of THC that would cause airmen to test positive during a urinalysis test.

“It’s important for both uniformed and civilian airmen to understand the risk these products pose to their careers,” Maj. Jason Gammons, spokesman for the Air Force Office of the Judge Advocate General, said in a release. “Products containing unregulated levels of THC can cause positive drug tests, resulting in the same disciplinary actions as if members had consumed marijuana.”

The Air Force cites a 2017 study, which stated that only 31 percent of tested products accurately reflected the CBD content, and 21 percent still contained THC.