Air Force Seeks to Reduce Contracts

The Air Force has launched a new initiative dubbed “contracts court,” aimed at reducing the overall number of contracts issued by the Air Force each year, Secretary Deborah Lee James said during a Dec. 16 open door session with airmen across the force. Under the new program, senior leaders have been required to justify the need for all contracts. If, during the defense of the particular item or service, “It doesn’t appear that it is necessary going forward, then perhaps we need to do without it,” said James in response to a video question from an airmen. “We have reduced contractors over the last year and I predict that we will continue to do so in the future.” The system was implemented approximately six months ago “to make sure we are making every dollar count.” The town hall session sought to answer questions from both airmen and the general public via social media. (See also James: No Involuntary Force Management in 2015.)