Air Force Magazine Honored For Journalistic Excellence

Air Force Magazine was recognized by the DC Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists on June 14 at the National Press Club, in Washington, D.C. Editorial Director John A. Tirpak won first place for his Aperture column in the newsletter/trade publication column category; and News Editor Amy McCullough won first place in the newsletter/trade publication non-breaking news category for her feature on the F-22’s first combat mission, With the Raptors Over Syria. This is the second year Air Force Magazine was honored by SPJ. Last year, Editor in Chief Adam J. Hebert was a finalist for his editorial “Crimea and Punishment”, April 2014; Tirpak was a finalist for his monthly Aperture column; McCullough was a finalist in the investigative reporting and series categories for her articles “Looking East”, September 2014 issue, and “The Guard Partnerships”, October 2014; and Designer Kristina Parrill was a finalist for her infographic on the F-22’s first combat mission. First place winners and finalists are honored in each category of the regional competition. The Society of Professional Journalists is a national organization dedicated to improving and protecting journalism since its inception in 1909. In addition to its advocacy and educational efforts, it is the keeper of the internationally known code of ethics.