Air Force Creates New AFSC for Special Warfare Officers

The Air Force created a new specialty code for special warfare officers, with the aim to streamline resourcing, talent management, and deployments, the service announced April 30.

Special tactics, tactical air control party officers, and combat rescue officers will now be assigned the Air Force Special Warfare AFSC 19ZXX, effective immediately. Previously, the officers were under the command and control AFSCs 13CX for special tactics, 13DX for combat rescue officer, and 13LX for tactical air control party officers.

“The creation of a cadre of officers steeped in joint leadership and trained to lead the full spectrum of AFSPECWAR conventional and special operations missions will streamline accession, selection, and common skills training,” Col. Thomas Palenske, director of the AFSPECWAR directorate at the Pentagon, said in a release. “These officers will share a common assessment and selection standard with a heightened benchmark for leadership capabilities to prepare them as next-generation leaders for the AFSPECWAR enterprise.”

The new AFSC will have three subgroups:

  • 19ZXA for special tactics
  • 19ZXB for tactical air control party
  • 19ZXC for combat rescue.

The change is automatic, with no additional training required. Administrative systems will be updated by May 1, according to the Air Force.

By consolidating the jobs into one AFSC, the Airmen will have a combined standard for special warfare operators, which will provide more opportunities for them to serve in multiple positions across the Air Force, said Col. Mark McGill, the deputy director and officer career field manager for AFSPECWAR.

The change follows a similar move for enlisted special warfare Airmen. In October, the Air Force combined enlisted pararescue, combat control, TACP, and special reconnaissance under the 1Z career field. Additionally, the Air Force in February created a single AFSC for Airmen who are in training for special warfare.