Afghan Air Arm Starts Heavy Lifting

Soldiers of the Afghan National Army Air Force (ANAAF) earlier this month conducted their first-ever, operational heavy-equipment airlift mission. During the June 8 flight, one of the ANAAF’s C-27A transports carried a tug truck from Kabul to Heart. The Afghans coordinated and planned the mission, loaded the truck, and then flew the C-27. Being able to airlift such assets is faster and potentially less dangerous than moving over the country’s roads. The ANAAF is the new name for the Afghan National Army Air Corps. Air Force Brig. Gen. Michael Boera, who oversees coalition air advisors in Afghanistan, told reporters June 10 that the ANAAF’s experiences in establishing its C-27A fleet are invaluable because they are instilling efficient and effective practices into the fledgling air arm. (438th AEW release)